Co-curricular activities are events related to classroom subjects that normally occur outside of the classroom. They are often related to competition with students from other schools, such as the Academic Decathlon and Pentathlon. Students who qualify are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities. In addition to the academic activities The Lewis Center for Gifted Learning also offers clubs and enrichment programs in the following areas:

• 3D Printing
• Art
• Athletics
• Chinese
• Community Events
• Computer Programming
• French
• Music
• Pentathlon
• Robotics
& More!

We offer a broad selection of innovative academic activities your child can participate it in not only at the center but continuing on into high school at the central campus. We also offer the opportunity to be involved in College Credit Plus, Decathlon, AP Courses, Student Council, Service Clubs, and also be named to The National Honor Society. At Valley Christian Schools we believe in achievement recognition incentives and programs that are both fun and educational.

Field Trips

At the Lewis Center, we believe that it is important to provide our students with opportunities to expand their horizons through innovative, off-site experiences. For this reason, we do take a large number of field trips to destinations that will enhance their curriculum. A $500 activity fee is assessed to each student’s tuition at the beginning of the school year to cover these experiences. In addition, we ask that parents or guardians sign a field trip permission slip that covers the entire year’s activity because they go on them frequently.